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After a Next Steps in SF course in early 2021

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing training experience. It was more than I could have hoped for and so powerful. The amount of practice that we did, and then your manner of teaching was very easy for me to understand and assimilate.  So a great big thanks for that. And I would be more than interested in further training somewhere down the road. I try and not overwhelm myself with training and feel that I need to apply it to my work for a bit to get the most of out it, kind of like a SFBT conversation.  The impact is not necessarily felt in the moment.  The idea that I can put myself back on track with one question has been a game changer for me.  And now I am feeling more confident as I work towards finding my voice within the model.  I cannot thank you enough for that piece.

Lisa Blond Booth,

Ontario, Canada

26 February 2021

I found the Next Steps course really useful; maybe the most useful SF training I’ve had so far? I really loved it. I feel like it's shown me how to bring a simplicity and clarity to my work


Matt Rider

Family Based Solutions, London

22 February 2021

Guy Shennan testimonials

"I have known Guy for around 15 years, ever since I attended a 2 day BRIEF Solution Focused training event in Bristol. I remember this being a “Eureka” occasion for me and it was when I started to use SF approaches in my work as a teacher, Local Authority consultant and in many other aspects of my personal
and professional life. Since then I have invited Guy to Bath and North East Somerset to run training courses for education and health professionals and, most recently, for team members and young people from the organisation I now co-ordinate, Boys in Mind.


Guy’s training has inspired me to use SF approaches to run the organisation, as its positive and hopeful approach lends itself to an organisation campaigning to empower - and promote positive images of - boys and young men.


As an ex-modern languages teacher, I like Guy’s interactive training style. From the very beginning of any training session he delivers, participants are immediately practising the skills which Guy assumes we all have, learning to listen more intently with a constructive ear, identifying strengths in ourselves and others, offering feedback about what people have done well, and imagining a preferred future, a much needed practice in these troubling times.


Guy’s sessions are also creative and fun. There is often music at the beginning and end of sessions and his philosophy is that learning and practising new skills is an enjoyable and rewarding experience and a great way to bond with new people on the training.

I attended the recent Solution Focused two day Conference at Bath Spa University, designed and developed by Guy and his friend and colleague Rob Black, and I can’t think of a conference I’ve enjoyed more or found more useful. When you are awake at 6.30 in the morning on the day after the conference, watching videos of Lucy Johnstone talking about the Power Threat Meaning Framework, you know you’ve been to something special.


On a personal level Guy is approachable, considerate and reliable. One of our Youth Advisors became very enthused by SF at the conference and, having met and chatted to Guy over a post-conference drink, was delighted to be sent a copy of Guy’s book. They are still in contact and planning blog writing ventures. Highly recommended!"

Kate Murphy,
Co-ordinator, Boys in Mind
January 2020

Other testimonials:

Training and Coaching

"I thought the course was excellent.  


I applied for it because I have been thinking a lot about solution focused approaches in my work and wanted to develop my understanding of what it really means, beyond the approaches that I had been adapting from reading on the subject. 


Initially I was apprehensive about how an online training course could offer the same quality and attention that an in person course offers, in the event this worry was easily dispelled as the course structure was thoughtful about how to engage participants, promote group work and interaction.  In fact this worked really well.  That said we have all become accustomed to having to spend a lot more time in seats at screens so it was useful that the course design recognised this and promoted brain and movement breaks! 


The course was split over two days a week apart.  This worked well as the first day introduced me to the basics and especially helped me to think a lot more about reflecting and critically thinking about my engagements in conversations with clients and colleagues.  In particular I liked the framing 'what have you been pleased to notice about...', or 'the thing I appreciated about what you...' I liked, too, the emphasis on framing conversations about resources and strengths and identifying that the process is a forward movement. The week between the two training days meant that I was able to think a lot more about a solution-focused approach to conversations and try them out in some limited way. It also meant that when I attended the second day I had begun to embed some of the thinking and ideas of the approach.


The second day was built around practicing in groups.  This was done by introducing a step, trying it, moving on, consolidating and moving on again.  There were lots of opportunities to practice the pure form of the approach, observe others and be observed.  It was a very intense experience, but I felt that I made some significant progress compared to how I had been thinking and using the approach before. By the end of the course I felt that I have considerably improved my understanding of the approach and I am much more confident to use it.  Understanding the values behind it has helped me think more about how to support a client-led conversation, and also recognise how this approach complements non-discriminatory practice. I will definitely be developing this approach in my future conversations at child protection conferences and children in care reviews. 


The course was very ably delivered in a style that reflected the ethos of the approach by a trainer who was extremely skilled, experienced and informed.  


I would thoroughly recommend the course to any practitioners or managers. My only criticism is that it could easily have been a two week course!"


Rupert Franklin, October 2020


“Thanks again, it was certainly the most popular training we have had here and everyone is keen for more.”

Family Centre Worker

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“I’ve just got back from a joint home visit to a family with a history of poor attendance and during the visit I used some of the things I learned over the last two days. What surprised me was how I just started to ask the questions, completely unintentionally I might add, and then moved on to use the scaling method. So now after using it I can see how easily it can fit in with our role and I can’t wait to see the end results.”

Education Welfare Officer

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. I’ve been thinking about it loads since then, and have based the school inset I’m running around my understanding of solution-focused practice. It was a great course, really stimulating, challenging, focused and valuable – I loved it! It’s given me a new focus and confidence about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. So thanks again for all your patience, enthusiasm and energy throughout the two days.”

Well-being Project Officer; Personnel and Training

“At the conference, Guy gave a fabulous session on Team Coaching…”

Coach and facilitator

“I am writing to thank you for your outstanding workshop that you conducted for the 2008 Conference on Solution Focused Practices.”

Director, Office of Professional Development, The University of Texas

“Great session Guy – really well woven practice and video and reflection and time for questions and discussion. Thanks a lot!”

Principal Educational Psychologist

“There are some great trainers in Solution-focused Practice, and I think Guy is the very best!” 


Sue Young, author, Solution-Focused Schools

"The best training course I have ever been on."

“Guy was a brilliant and inspiring facilitator and he came across as being passionate about the subject matter. He also was able to relay some of his vast experience and knowledge to us.”

“I really appreciated so much about the two days and valued the way you facilitated the space and taught.  I appreciated how you responded with curiosity to those questioning the approach and the way you gave context for each video…the way you scaffolded the training exercises really allowed the practitioner to practice and I had not seen that before. Even little things like the way you put us into groups and kept us moving was just beautifully done and made the two days feel easier.”


Barbara Rishworth, Clinical psychologist, 2019.

"Thank you for one of the most enjoyable, thought provoking and self-developmental trainings I have attended in a long time. I am full of ideas of where I would like to develop my practices, and cannot wait to get started in building practice confidence."

"The course – so enjoyed it! Got so much from it and could feel my confidence and familiarity with the model growing."

"Loved the course. A really comfortable and supportive atmosphere which really encourages learning."

"I appreciated the way the course was structured, no waffle, getting down to it and feeling safe to explore in the way the exercises were presented."

"I found the two days very worthwhile. There was just the right amount of theory and practice and enough variety in the exercises to be interesting. I particularly liked how you asked course members what it was they wanted to get from the days and adapted the course to meet their goals – methinks a good bit of SF modelling."

"I am staying with the model more truly since those two days. It helps in terms of me feeling clearer about what I am bringing to the table in the conversations I am having with clients."

"A reputable and experienced trainer, Guy has been immersed in the practice and teaching of solution-focused practice for many years. His courses are informative, interactive and vibrant, offering practical skills to practitioners that can be readily applied across a broad range of mental health settings”.

Ian Cartwright, Recovery Education Unit, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, 2019

“Great session Guy – really well woven practice and video and reflection and time for questions and discussion. Thanks a lot!”


Principal Educational Psychologist and experienced solution-focused practitioner, and the commissioner of the course.

"Loved the course. A really comfortable and supportive atmosphere which really encourages learning."

“I have been attending solution-focused conferences for years and love especially your workshops full of energy, refreshing ideas, humour and creativity!”


Lenka Tkadlčíková - Czech Republic

"Still buzzing after last week, really enjoyed the workshop and feel quite inspired - so thank you.”

It was great hearing you speak and your talk really hit the mark.”


“I like the way Guy got me to think of ways of helping myself instead of giving me all the answers.”

“Questions were asked of us which made us think about things in a different way.”

Consultation and Supervision

“Thanks again for your input. I have come away with lots of ideas in terms of facilitating my own team's supervision and consultancy in a more effective way.”

“Thanks for the excellent two day Supervision and Consultation training. I'm looking forward to seeing my work colleagues and having useful conversations!”

“I much appreciated your leadership of the two day session of last week. I have lots of new ideas and renewed energy to 'do things' thanks to your guidance.”

Facilitation and Chairing

“Your presentation was inspiring and you helped us tremendously with your capable chairing of our debate.”

Jenny Latchford, former Chair, Association of Palliative Care Social Workers.

Creative Practices

“The best EBTA workshop I have ever attended!”


Mark Beyebach, former President of the European Brief Therapy Association, on the workshop I ran with Rob Black on Creative Solution-Focused Practice in Malmo, 2010.


“Simply brilliant!!”

Sue Young, author, Solution-Focused Schools.

“Really fun activity!  I'll file it for future use.”

Alison Johnson, licensed psychologist, California.

“I think this is absolutely brilliant.”

Yasmin Ajmal, educational psychologist, co-author, Solution-Focused Thinking in Schools, co-editor, Solutions in Schools


“I like the stuff about drawing with kids about ‘what you are good at?’... must give it a go!”


Dave Harrop, adoption specialist

“A really fun way of encouraging co-operation between children!”

Clare Firth, clinical psychologist, London

“What a great idea! As a teacher and solution-focused counsellor, I love it!”

Ella de Jong, Netherlands

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