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BOOKS Shennan, G. (2014) Solution-focused practice: Effective communication to facilitate change. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Shennan, G. (2019) Solution-focused practice: Effective communication to facilitate change (2nd edition). London: Red Globe Press. BOOK CHAPTERS Shennan, G. (2003) Solution-focused practice with families. In B. O'Connell and S. Palmer (eds.) Handbook of Solution-focused Therapy. London: Sage. Hackett, P. and Shennan, G. (2007) Solution focused practice with children and young people. In Thorana Nelson and Frank Thomas (eds), Handbook of Solution-focused Brief Therapy: Clinical applications. New York, Haworth Press. Shennan, G. and Iveson C. (2011) From solution to description: Practice and research in tandem. In Franklin, C, et al (eds) Solution-focused Brief Therapy: A handbook of evidence-based practice. New York: Oxford University Press. Shennan, G. (2012) Dancing towards solutions, in A. Lewinski, J. Szczepkowski and T. Switek (eds.) Upside Down: Solution focused paradigms - revolutions and evolutions. Torun: Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne. Shennan, G. (2017). Solution-focused brief therapy, in The Sage Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy. London: Sage. Shennan, G. (2019). Solution-focused practice in social work, in The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Theory. London: Routledge. Shennan, G. (2019). The fiction of solution-focused practice. In A. Leonardi, F. Wolf & S. Scavelli (eds.) As if: Brief contributions to brief therapy. Florence: Fondazione Franceschi Onlus. De Wolf, E. and Shennan, G. (in press). The extended iSelf, in K. Dierolf (ed.). Solution Focused Practice Around the World. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis. Shennan, G., van Goor, S and Wells, J. (in press). Listen to the music, in in K. Dierolf (ed.). Solution Focused Practice Around the World. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis. Shennan, G. (in press). Social work since 1970, in T. Bamford & K. Bilton (eds.). Social Work: Past, Present and Future. Bristol: Policy Press.
JOURNAL ARTICLES Shennan, G. (1998) Are we asking the experts? Practice teachers use of client views in assessing student competence, Social Work Education, 17, 4, 407-417. Shennan, G. (2003). The Early Response Project: a voluntary sector contribution to CAMHS, Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Primary Care, 1, 46-50. Shennan, G. (2003). Solution-focused practice and assessment, Journal of Primary Care Mental Health, 7, 78-81. Shennan, G. (2008) Solution focused practice in a family support team, Solution Focused Research Review, 1,1, 11-15. Shennan, G. and Iveson, C. (2008). What difference would that make? Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 19, 97-101. Shennan, G. (2013). Introduction to “Four Useful Interventions in Brief Family Therapy” by Steve de Shazer and Alex Molnar (1984), InterAction, 5, 2, 54-58. Shennan, G. (2015). The Palestine–UK Social Work Network: taking collective responsibility for social justice and human rights, Critical and Radical Social Work, 3, 1, 125-129. Shennan, G. (2016) Extended mind, extended person, extended therapy? InterAction, 8, 1, 7-30. Shennan, G. and Gardiner, M. (2018). Collectivising solution-focused practice, in Critical and Radical Social Work, 6, 3, 419-424.
MAGAZINE ARTICLES Shennan, G. (1999) Systemic practice within child protection investigation, Context, 41, 18-19. Shennan, G. (2011) A different type of talking: A solution focused group for parents, Context, 118. Shennan, G. (2014) What are you hoping for? A solution-focused approach is paying off for charity Caer Las and its service users, Welsh Housing Quarterly, 94, 46-47. Shennan, G. and Unwin, P. (2017). Social workers, service users and austerity – A common cause, in Professional Social Work, February, 22-23. Shennan, G. and Unwin, P. (2017). Boot Out Austerity – Reflections and next steps, in Professional Social Work, October, 28-29. Shennan, G. (2017/18). A constant grieving, Professional Social Work, December-January, 19-20. Shennan, G. (2018). Towards a critical solution-focused practice?, in Polski Biuletyn BSFT, 1.
SOLUTION NEWS ARTICLES Shennan, G. (2006) ‘Doing it’ in Child Protection, Solution News, 2,3, 15-19. Shennan, G. (2008) Solution Focused Practice in Palestine, Solution News, 3,2, 15-17. Shennan, G. (2010) A BRIEF journey: Five years of Diploma at BRIEF, Solution News, 4,4, 10-13. Shennan, G. (2018). Journeys to Liverpool, Solution News, 7, 2, 8-10. Curtis, S. and Shennan, G. (2018). The balance of solution-focused sessions: The EBTA Research Grant 2018 comes to the UK, Solution News, 7, 2, 17-19. Shennan, G. (2019). Hope in Conversation and Action #UKASFP2019, Solution News, 7, 4, 7-11.
NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Shennan, G. (2017). Austerity’s effects are driving social workers to tears – it's why we must protest, The Guardian, 29 November 2017
GUEST BLOG POSTS Shennan, G. (2011) The aim of minimalism in the solution-focused approach, on C. Visser blog, The progress-focused approach. Shennan, G. (2013). An embodied solution-focused practice, on Loesningsfokus blog (Denmark),
MISCELLANEOUS Shennan, G. (1999). Book Review, Problem to Solution (2nd edition), Professional Social Work. Shennan, G. (2017). Riad’s ID Card, in M. Doel (ed.) Social Work in 42 Objects (and More). Lichfield: Kirwin Maclean Associates. Shennan, G. (2018) Foreword in I. Cummins, Poverty, Inequality and Contemporary Social Work. Bristol: Policy Press. Shennan, G. (2018). Knowledge is social! in S. Maclean, J. Finch and P. Tedam, SHARE: A new model for social work. Lichfield: Kirwin Maclean Associates. Shennan, G. (2019). Book Review, Troubled Families, Critical and Radical Social Work, 7, 2.


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'A Constant Grieving', 2017

Guy Shennan, with two birth parents

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