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Read Chapter 1 of my book, Solution Focused Practice (just click on Preview)

Discover what Guy Shennan Associates have to offer

Would you like someone to help bring out the best in you or your team? Would you like things to be different - better in some way? Maybe you’re feeling stuck and in need of a new direction - in your life or in your work. 

Or you might be looking for some new ideas and practices for a team or organisation you work in or are responsible for - positive practices with a proven track record of success.

The solution-focused approach is full of ideas and practices that can help. I have been practising solution-focused brief therapy and teaching it to others for many years, and I would love to be able to help you, your team or your organisation.

This website is full of information and ideas, that I hope you will find useful, including on my own experience.

Contact me, by phone - 07795 176356 - or email, if you would like to discuss what I can offer you and how we might work together.

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What people say about Guy Shennan Associates

“Let me thank you for the brilliant training we received last week. I found the whole ethos, structure and delivery of Solution Brief Therapy totally motivating and inspiring, and know the training will be extremely useful in our service delivery to empower families.”

Assistant Children’s Centre Co-ordinator



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