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“There are some great trainers in Solution-focused Practice, and I think Guy is the very best!” 
Sue Young, author, Solution-Focused Schools
"The best training course I have ever been on."


Are you looking for training in the solution-focused approach from someone recognised as one of its leading trainers, in the UK and beyond?


I offer training:

  • commissioned by agencies or teams, and designed for their particular requirements

  • via public, open access courses


This includes introductory and advanced courses in solution-focused practice, that are either generalist, or focus on particular activities, including:

  • Therapy and counselling

  • Groupwork

  • Individual and team coaching

  • Consultation and supervision

Drawing on my experience in workshop delivery, conference organising and presenting, I also offer courses in:

  • Communication skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Effective meetings

  • And many more areas besides


If you want to know more about my training and what I can offer your team or organisation, then do get in touch, by phone - 07795 176356 - or email.


Read what some attendees of my training have said about it here.

A Guy Shennan Associates Certificate of Attendance of a solution-focused training course

Courses: Open Access


Among our most invigorating and rewarding activities is providing open access courses, attended by people in a variety of roles and from different contexts. This invariably leads to a wonderful cross-fertilisation of ideas, skills and learning.

Guy Shennan running a solution-focused training course

Courses: Agency-based


If your team or organisation is looking for solution-focused training, you have arrived at the right place.

Audience at a UK Association of Solution-Focused Practice conference engaged in an activity during a presentation by Guy Shennan

Workshops, Presentations & Lecturing

“I have been attending solution-focused conferences for years and love especially your workshops full of energy, refreshing ideas, humour and creativity!”


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