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Workshops, Presentations, Keynotes and Lecturing 

“I have been attending solution-focused conferences for years and love especially your workshops full of energy, refreshing ideas, humour and creativity!”


Lenka Tkadlčíková - Czech Republic



I love to present and run workshops at conferences and seminars, to share new ideas, to test out new ideas and to report on projects in development. This also presents an opportunity to develop relationships with colleagues and associates. 


In a number of presentations during 2019 I have been developing the theme of hope, considering the radical nature of hope, social as well as individual hope, and whether we have a right to hope. You can find some of the slides from these presentations in the Resources section. I shall be turning some of this into writing during 2020.

Keynotes & presentations 

When I am invited to give keynotes and presentations, I like to make them as interactive as possible. My opening plenary at the 2018 Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association conference in Boulder, Colorado, for example, was a lot of fun, and it also provided an opportunity to develop ideas and interest in a more collective and community-based solution-focused practice. The presentation is in the Resources section.


I gave a number of talks and lectures while I was the Chair of the British Association of Social Workers, on social work values, and working for social justice



I regularly present on solution-focused practice to trainee clinical psychologists and student social workers, and have also taught on university counselling courses. More recently I have given lectures too on systemic and narrative therapies, while in the past I have lectured on social work methods and skills.


Contact me


If you are interested in exploring what I could offer to your event or organisation, from interactive workshops to keynote presentations, give me a call - 07795176356 - or email.

"Still buzzing after last week, really enjoyed the workshop and feel quite inspired - so thank you.”

It was great hearing you speak and your talk really hit the mark.”

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