“I like the way Guy got me to think of ways of helping myself instead of giving me all the answers.”


“Questions were asked of us which made us think about things in a different way.”

Therapy, consultation and other services

If you are interested in an approach that focuses on your hopes and resources, in either your life or work, then I hope these pages, which provide a guide to how I work and the services I offer, will be useful for you.


Solution-focused practice began in the world of therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy is what I was first trained in. I was working as a social worker when I first used the approach, and although I have worked predominantly as a therapist for the past 15 years, my social work training and experience means that I am able to be flexible in offering support to individuals and families that can be more than just therapy.


Due to the nature of the solution-focused approach, its focus on people’s hopes and forward movement, and on preferred futures and progress towards them, it is also well- suited to coaching contexts. This can be either life or performance coaching, or related to specific work-related goals.


The approach also lends itself well to supervision and consultation. My experience in this area goes back to when I began supervising social work students in the early 1990s, while I received my first training in solution-focused supervision in 1999.

My Creative Practices page contains information on developments I have been involved in that take solution-focused practice ‘beyond the spoken word’, including the use of music, movement, dance and the use of cartoons.

Narrative therapy is a growing interest, and I am especially interested in how it can create connections between people, and be used alongside and to enrich solution-focused practices.

Guy Shennan, solution-focused brief therapy practitioner

Therapy & Coaching

With many years’ experience as a solution-focused brief therapist and coach, I provide counselling, therapy and coaching to individuals, couples, families as well as with groups.

Solution-focused consultation and supervision, offered by Guy Shennan

Consultation & Supervision


As the solution-focused approach brings out the best in practitioners and professionals as well as in clients, patients and service users, it is well suited to supervision and consultation.

Guy Shennan providing solution-focused coaching to a team

Team Coaching & Development

Looking for your team or organisation to be working even better together? Solution-focused team coaching and development might be just what is needed.


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