Solution-focused practice, song and music

Music has always been a passion of mine, and it makes sense to draw on your passions in everything you do. It can play a useful part in therapy, in training and in writing, as my Swedish music-loving colleague, Jonas Wells, and I wrote in our article on solution-focused practice and song which you can read here.

Jonas has created a real labour of love with his Spotify solution-focused playlist - 745 songs at the time of writing, and it will be higher when you read this, for sure! A solution-focused song for all occasions.

Solution Focus Playlist on Spotify:

One of the music and solution-focused practice workshops I have been involved in was co-delivered by Jonas and me together with another colleague, Dutch music therapist, Sander van Goor. The slides to The Music Conversation (2017) are in the Resources section, and we will have a chapter on this in a book to be published in 2020. 


Here is an exercise we invited people to do, in groups of three: 

  • One person, find a piece of music on your smartphone that has made a difference to you, and play the first two minutes of it to the other two people.

  • Second person then asks the music player - what difference has this music made to you?

  • Then the third person tells the other two what they liked about listening first the music and then to the conversation about it. 


There must be an infinite number of ways to use music in therapy and teaching - I’ll be sharing more on this website - look out for blog posts and news items - and I’d love to hear about how you use music yourself.

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