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Conversations with Marc Gardiner of the Solution-Focused Collective

I first met Marc in 2017, and our relationship developed as we became involved in the Solution-Focused Collective together. I find talking with Marc about all things solution-focused stimulating to the max, and by recording some of this and  putting it out there, we're looking forward to opening up more public conversations. To begin with, we are putting these out as videos, though in time the plan is to begin a series of podcasts.

4. Solution-Focused Collective Conference14.05.20

We reflect on the first ever Solution-Focused Collective conference, which took place online on 9th May.

We talk about the inspiration for the conference theme that came from Rebecca Solnit's book, A Paradise Built In Hell, and an essay by Charles Eisenstein called The Coronation.

"... disaster often liberates solidarity. A more beautiful world shimmers just beneath the surface..."

We look forward to further developments from the Collective - website & email

3. What is solution-focused practice? - 8.05.20

Rather than pin down a definition of the approach, here we explore this question more widely, with particular ref. to

- Bill O'Connell's book Solution-Focused Therapy

- Vicky Bliss and Dominic Bray's 2009 Journal of Systemic Therapies article, "The smallest solution focused particles: Towards a minimalist definition of when therapy is solution focused"

- an interview with Steve de Shazer & Insoo Kim Berg by Dan Short.

And a philosophical reference to Wittgenstein's Ladder...

2. Beginnings part 2 - 1.05.20

In our second conversation, we continue our exploration of beginnings in solution-focused work, now shifting into the community. 

Along the way, we mention

- Harry Korman's Common Project 

- Asset-Based Community Development

- Some useful questions to ask at the beginning of solution-focused community work

Before ending by looking forward to our continuing conversations... 

1. Beginnings - 23.04.20

In our first recorded conversation, we talk about 

- beginning our recorded conversations & online teaching

- how beginnings of solution-focused work have developed     over time.

We consider how Steve de Shazer began his first meetings & BRIEF's development of "best hopes"and discuss pros and cons of the "contracting" metaphor and our own current practices.

Along the way, we make reference to thinkers - Edward Said & Rousseau - from outside solution-focused practice. 

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