The Solution-Focused Collective and the Manifesto for Social Change

In 2018, I was involved in setting up the Solution-Focused Collective, a loose and fluid grouping of solution-focused practitioners around the world who are all committed toworking towards social change. We have been working together to develop our Manifesto and share it with our colleagues, supporters and service users.


A Solution-Focused Collective Action Space Conference!

"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed, solution-focused citizens can change the world"*

Our second international online conference, where we will

focus on possibilities - and actions - for a better world. 

Saturday 4th July 2020 - 1.30pm - 3.30pm UK time

More details to follow

* A solution-focused version of the famous quote from anthropologist, Margaret Mead

My presentation about the development of the Manifesto at the 2018 European Brief Therapy Association Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, is on the Resources page.


Since we launched the Solution-Focused Manifesto for Social Change at the 2019 UKASFP Conference, it has been translated into several other languages, including Swedish, German, Dutch and Hungarian, which can all be found on the Collective's website


The Collective’s activities are organised by a group of ‘hosts' and we are running a number of specific groups, open to anyone who supports the manifesto, including a general online discussion group, a writing group and reading group. We are also supporting the development of actions for social and community-based change.


The Collective’s Twitter account is @solfocollective, and we also have a Facebook group and page.


To find out more, become a Collective host, or to get involved in another way, email us at

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