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SF toolkit for children

Over a year since my last blog post – oh dear! My best excuse is that I am involved in two other blogs at present, my BASW chair’s blog and my SF music blog. However, this certainly warrants a post here.

I have been involved in training workers at the NSPCC for almost four years now. They have developed a service called Face to Face which is offered to children and young people in care or on the edge of care, and this service has gone from strength to strength.

There are two things to report. One, the evaluation report which has been recently produced and is on the NSPCC’s website. The evaluation is very encouraging, and “the evidence indicates that Face to Face is a promising approach to helping children and young people in care or on the edge of care” – there is a LOT more detail in the report. Secondly, a terrifically useful resource has been developed by the NSPCC from work done within the service: a solution-focused practice toolkit for helping professionals use the approach when working with children and young people.

I think it’s a wonderful resource (and I would say that even if I hadn’t played a small part in the development of it).

Louise Bazalgette, the Development Manager at the NSPCC who has played a central role in the development of this solution-focused service for children and young people at the NSPCC, is to be one of the keynote speakers at next year’s UKASFP conference in South Wales (a date for your diaries – 2-3 June 2016).

I hope to put another blog post on this website before then!

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