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Online Teaching

"Thanks Guy, great lecture, looking forward to using the ideas in practice"

Clinical psychology trainee, 26.03.20 

Along with other teachers and trainers, I am adapting to the needs of the current situation, and developing my online training options. I am now available to run online training courses, workshops and seminars, and for online teaching in Higher Education.

I delivered an online workshop on solution-focused brief therapy to clinical psychology trainees at the University of Hertfordshire on 26th March 2020, and these were among the comments the trainees made at the end of the day.

Guy Shennan, teaching solution-focused brief therapy online

Super helpful to see the video - great to think about different ways of asking ‘what would it look like if you were…?’


Thanks, Guy, great lecture, looking forward to using the ideas in practice 


I enjoyed the teaching


Really great session. I liked how you stopped the videos and paused for us to think about how we would respond. Really good, lots of questions for me to use in my practice - thank you!!


Good to see you in practice. 


Videos were so helpful. And the breakout rooms/role plays. Thank you!


I like the how question - how did you manage this? Really good altogether - learned lots. Thanks so much for doing it so last minute and adapting!


I think the pace of the session was really good. I enjoyed the videos and the explanations, thank you. 


Thank you very much Guy for taking the time today and organising this all very last minute.


Thank you!!!

Together with Leoš Zatloukal of Dalet, a Czech solution-focused institute, I developed and delivered a 2-day online course at the University of Olomouc, for Masters social work students from Eastern Europe. in late May, which combined teaching on solution-focused practice with a focus on community-based approaches and social change.

Other courses since then have included a one-day workshop in July for solution-focused hypnotherapists, one of whom commented on the day in this short video.

Please contact me if I can assist with online training or teaching for your agency or at your Higher Education institution. You can email or phone - or we can have a Zoom discussion...

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