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Solution-focused practice, dance and movement

The 2012 European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA) conference in Torun, Poland, was a significant one for me regarding introducing movement into my solution-focused practice, as I had written an article for my website called Dancing Towards Solutions, which became a chapter in the book published by the conference organising team, Upside Down: Solution focused paradigms - revolutions and evolutions.

During a plenary on the Sunday morning, I introduced an exercise for the first time, the positive reception of which has led me to use it many times since. I called it Talking and Moving.

A solution-focused training exercise using movement

I wrote a blog post about this and here is one of its replies, from clinical psychologist, Clare Firth:

"I was there at EBTA in Torun and greatly enjoyed enjoyed Guy’s closing plenary exercise on SF ‘movement’. Having to show a best-hopes movement seemed like another creative way to express onself and I could see how it might be helpful with the children and young people that I work with, particularly those for whom communicating by language is challenging. Having the movement mirrored by a partner was a very powerful way of feeling listened to, maybe even more so than reflective listening? and the exercise put a new ‘spin’ on my salsa dancing…I will look out for more information about this way of working in the future. Thanks Guy!”

After I spoke about embodied cognition at the 2016 EBTA conference in Bruges (the slides of an updated version I gave of this at the 2017 UKASFP conference are in the Resources section), Dutch psychotherapist, Esther de Wolf told me that she was doing something similar with clients, and also making videos of their movements on their smartphones. 

A workshop by Guy Shennan & Esther de Wolf at the 2017 Solution-Focused World Conference, on using smartphones in solution-focused brief therapy

The slides from our subsequent 2017 workshop, The Extended iSelf, are in the Resources section. Our book chapter has been published in Solution Focused Practice Around The World, published in May, 2020. 

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