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“Guy was a brilliant and inspiring facilitator and he came across as being passionate about the subject matter. He also was able to relay some of his vast experience and knowledge to us.”

NEW - Introduction to SF course in October 2020

Solution-focused training by Guy Shennan

If you want to take part in one of our activities that we find most invigorating and rewarding, and learn how to use solution-focused practice while you're at it, then book onto one of our open access courses, attended by people in a variety of roles and from different contexts. These invariably lead to a wonderful cross-fertilisation of ideas, skills and learning.


Watch out for details of upcoming training, which usually take place in London, though we have also run public courses in my home town of Preston. If these places seem too distant for you, let us know, as we have actually organised courses following individual requests before. If we can attract sufficient numbers, we will come to a place near you!


Our FOUNDATION courses in solution-focused practice are for people new to the approach and typically lead to the following outcomes:

able to apply solution-focused skills in your day-to-day practice
achieve better outcomes for the people you work with
feel refreshed and revitalised in your job
change your own life as well as the lives of others
leave the course impatient to put what you have learned into practice


Our NEXT STEPS courses are for people who have already received some training in solution-focused practice and are using the approach in their work, and typically lead to the following outcomes:

sharpening solution-focused skills
shift from stuckness to possibility
a solution-focused flow
development of creative ideas for using the approach
increased confidence as a solution-focused practitioner



Comments from participants on advanced level courses:


"Thank you for one of the most enjoyable, thought provoking and self-developmental trainings I have attended in a long time. I am full of ideas of where I would like to develop my practices, and cannot wait to get started in building practice confidence."


"The course – so enjoyed it! Got so much from it and could feel my confidence and familiarity with the model growing."

"Loved the course. A really comfortable and supportive atmosphere which really encourages learning."


"I appreciated the way the course was structured, no waffle, getting down to it and feeling safe to explore in the way the exercises were presented."


"I found the two days very worthwhile. There was just the right amount of theory and practice and enough variety in the exercises to be interesting. I particularly liked how you asked course members what it was they wanted to get from the days and adapted the course to meet their goals – methinks a good bit of SF modelling."

"I am staying with the model more truly since those two days. It helps in terms of me feeling clearer about what I am bringing to the table in the conversations I am having with clients."


"Thanks Guy, for another interesting course. I really enjoyed it."

“I really appreciated so much about the two days and valued the way you facilitated the space and taught.  I appreciated how you responded with curiosity to those questioning the approach and the way you gave context for each video…the way you scaffolded the training exercises really allowed the practitioner to practice and I had not seen that before. Even little things like the way you put us into groups and kept us moving was just beautifully done and made the two days feel easier.”


Barbara Rishworth, Clinical psychologist, 2019.

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