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Courses: Agency Based

"A reputable and experienced trainer, Guy has been immersed in the practice and teaching of solution-focused practice for many years. His courses are informative, interactive and vibrant, offering practical skills to practitioners that can be readily applied across a broad range of mental health settings”.

Ian Cartwright, Recovery Education Unit, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, 2019



If your team or organisation is looking for solution-focused training, you have arrived at the right place.

I have run training courses in solution-focused practice for groups of workers ranging from family support workers in Leicestershire to student counsellors at Qatar University. There’s no limit, really, to who can benefit from solution-focused training - what the teams and agencies we train have in common is that they are engaged in people work, are working towards change in some way, and use communication at various levels to help this to happen.


This extract from my 2019 book shows the range of agencies I have trained in:

Cover of Solution-Focused Practice - effective communication to facilitate change (second edition) - 2019 book by Guy Shennan

The solution-focused approach can be used by anyone whose job involves talking with people in order to help them to move on in some way, to resolve problems or achieve goals, or make changes in their lives. The people who developed the approach were therapists, but therapy is only one activity of many that involves purposeful talking aimed at change.


Therefore, if you are a nurse, doctor, social worker, occupational therapist, teacher, counsellor, psychotherapist, mentor, psychologist, health visitor, coach, youth worker, management consultant, family support worker, substance misuse worker, young people’s advisor, residential worker, housing support worker, probation officer, youth justice worker, speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, teaching assistant, foster carer, complementary health practitioner, homelessness worker, peer supporter, social pedagogue, or in any other health, social care, educational, coaching or organisational development role, then this book is likely to be relevant to you. My apologies if I have missed anyone out, as what was guiding me in compiling that list was bringing to mind the various people who have attended my training courses in solution-focused practice in the past 20 years, and who have been able to make good use of the approach.

If you want to know more about our training and about what we can offer you, your team or your organisation, then please do contact me, by phone - 07795 176356 - or email.



“Great session Guy – really well woven practice and video and reflection and time for questions and discussion. Thanks a lot!”


Principal Educational Psychologist and experienced solution-focused practitioner, and the commissioner of the course.

"Loved the course. A really comfortable and supportive atmosphere which really encourages learning."

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