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I am available for online consultation and supervision as normal

Contact details below

Consultation and Supervision

If you looking for either a one-off consultation, or a longer-term supervisory relationship, then a solution-focused approach, which brings out the best in practitioners and professionals as well as in clients, patients and service users, and helps people shift from stuckness to possibility, can be invaluable.
I have extensive experience as a supervisor and consultant, in health, social care, education, therapy and counselling settings, with groups and teams as well as with individual practitioners.
Bringing a solution-focused approach to consultation and supervision, my starting point is what the consultee wants from consultation and on the strengths and abilities they are bringing to it. I also bring my 36+ years of experience in social care, health and therapy, to add to my specialist skills.
I also provide training in solution-focused consultation and supervision.
If you are interested in talking about how we could work together, phone me on 07795 176356, or email

I am fully insured for my consultative and supervisory work.

joint Solution-Focused Practice Group

The next session of the  joint Solution-Focused practice group will take place on Friday 27th January 2023. Book your place here, or for more info, drop me a line.

JSFPG flyer 2023.jpg

“Thanks again for your input. I have come away with lots of ideas in terms of facilitating my own team's supervision and consultancy in a more effective way.”

“Thanks for the excellent two day Supervision and Consultation training. I'm looking forward to seeing my work colleagues and having useful conversations!”

“I much appreciated your leadership of the two day session of last week. I have lots of new ideas and renewed energy to 'do things' thanks to your guidance.”

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