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Odds and Ends - Solution-Focused Talk, with Marc Gardiner

Odds and Ends - Solution-Focused Talk, with Marc Gardiner

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Guy's test page - this is a 'heading 1'

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Paragraph text is 'Paragraph 2' style ('Paragraph 1' isn't used) but you have to change the line spacing from 1.2 to 1.4 manually

Most of the text and headings on the site are part of a site design and are a certain font style, size, weight and colour. To check which text 'theme' is being used for a certain block of text click on the text and look at the 'Text Settings' pop-up box that appears. These settings can be over-written but try to minimise changes to the themes.

This is a sub-heading 'Heading 2'

This is a sub-heading 'Heading 4'

This is a sub-heading 'Heading 5'
This is a sub-heading 'Heading 6'

This is a link to google. It is dark green, bold and not underlined.

Remember: every time you edit a link already created, it will put back the underline! You'll have to remove the underline manually.

These are bullets:

  • Bullet 1

  • Bullet 2

  • Bullet 3

  • Bullet 4

  • Bullet 5

You can increase line height manually between them if you want. These are 1.8 


Add images using the + symbol in the left-hand menu. You can use an already uploaded image or upload a new one. Remember to edit the image settings:

1) Image behaviours - click 'nothing happens' if you don't want the image to be a link to anything (like another page or an external website for example).

2) Image text - add a description for Google - explain what the image is (imagine explaining it to a blind person). Use your keywords!

3) Tooltip - this will display on the screen so a short description of the image. Usually shorter that the Image text for Google.

You can always edit the image settings later by clicking on the image and clicking the cog symbol on the menu that appears.

This is Guy

This is heading 3

White text

Check Mobile whenever you make changes. 

Smartphone image

Remember to check your layout in mobile view, especially after adding images and NEW blocks of text. 


In mobile view the paragraph paragraph text is SIZE 14 - paragraph text will always need to be reduced in size for mobile. This does not affect the size of the text in desktop view.

This is a line. Find it in the left hand menu, in 'Shapes'. You can also find arrows here. All lines on the site are the dark green.

Remember to keep ALL your content between these two blue guidelines - so it looks OK on tablet.

Teaching in Moscow.jpg
Zebra Logo large.jpg
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